Teen mobile spending
made simple

Thumzap helps parents simply and securely monitor and approve teen’s mobile spending

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Teens choose.
Parents approve. Simply.
From any smartphone.

Teens spend a lot of time online playing games and shopping. They need their parents to pay for them. With Thumzap, parents receive a notification, approve and make the purchase. Easily from any device.

Thumzap is the most safe, secure and responsible way to pay for the things your teens want online.

  • avatar

    Debbie paid for Mike

    US, San Diego

    avatar Clothing

  • avatar

    Shelly paid for Kelly

    US, Denver

    avatar Pizza Delivery

  • avatar

    Mike paid for Ralph

    US, Houston

    avatar Digital Game

  • avatar

    Ben paid for Susan

    US, Lake Tahoe

    avatar Cafe

  • avatar

    Tressie paid for Dave

    US, El Paso

    avatar Cinema

How it works?

  1. Teen asks to
    purchase something

    Flow Step 1
  2. Parent approves
    and pays

    Flow Step 2
  3. Teen gets the
    item he wanted

    Flow Step 3

Thumzap is
made by parents
for parents

  • Erez

    Erez, CEO & Founder, father of 3

  • Ari

    Ari, CRO & Founder, father of 3

  • Zohar

    Zohar, Head of eCommerce Business Development, father of 3

  • Barak

    Barak, Head of R&D, father of 2

  • Nimrod

    Nimrod, Growth Hacker, father of 1

  • Tal

    Tal, R&D, married with plans

  • Or

    Or, R&D, married with plans!

  • Dor

    Dor, Product, in a relationship

  • Mai

    Mai, Operations, in a relationship

As parents, we’ve been through it all.

We understand the importance of providing a secure and enjoyable online experience for our teens. At the same time, it is our responsibility to approve and pay.

We’ve created Thumzap to make our teen’s mobile spending safe, simple and easy.


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